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Terms and Conditions Generator

Create a free terms and conditions agreement (aka terms of use or terms of service) for your website or app to better protect your business.

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Online Terms and Conditions Generator Features

“The easiest place to generate terms and conditions and a privacy policy to get moving and out to market.”

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Made for Your Business

Generate terms and conditions designed for your blog, website, app, SaaS, or ecommerce site. Establish guidelines and rights for your platform.

Easy to Customize


Don’t settle for generic terms of use when you can customize the look and feel of your terms to match the unique style of your website or app.

Easy to Install

Free Web Hosting

Termly will host your terms and conditions for free! Just place a link on your site to make your terms of service page available to users.

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The Best Free Terms and Conditions Generator Online

Terms and Conditions Generator

Termly’s Terms and Conditions Generator

About Our Terms and Conditions Agreement Generator

Take advantage of our website terms and conditions generator to help your business limit liability, combat legal disputes, and establish jurisdiction. Make terms that include:

  • Terms of use
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice and policy
  • Prohibited activities

Our goal is to help you create customized terms and conditions as easily as possible without sacrificing compliance.

We also provide answers to commonly asked questions on our support page, and you can always reach out to our support team if you need additional help.


A comprehensive terms and conditions agreement will help you set clear expectations with your users and protect your business – Leila, Privacy Compliance Specialist @ Termly

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Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

Our expert legal team collaborated with our seasoned engineers to build a Terms and Conditions Generator that can fulfill the needs of any type of business. – Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly