Termly CMP and the IAB TCF v2.2

Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

by Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

October 10, 2023


We’ve got an exciting update for ad publishers in Europe.

Termly’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) will support the European Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB Europe) Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.2 by January 2024.

Using a CMP that supports the TCF is a voluntary way to better align your data processing for targeted advertising and individualized content creation with EU data protection laws.

Continue reading to learn what we’re doing to help publishers who want to work with the IAB TCF v2.2 and what you can expect from our CMP updates.

Table of Contents
  1. Termly’s Plan To Support IAB TCF v2.2
  2. What Is the IAB?
  3. What Is the TCF?
  4. Summary

Termly’s Plan To Support IAB TCF v2.2

By January 2024, Termly’s CMP will align with the standards and technical requirements described by IAB Europe under version 2.2.

Termly is excited to support version 2.2 of the framework since its implementation of the action plan addressing changes required by the Belgian Data Protection Authority.

Here’s our plan:

  • Termly’s CMP will support all of our current language offerings and serve a consent banner to your European website visitors, meeting all TCF v2.2 technical requirements.
  • Termly users will be able to let their website visitors make consent choices at a granular level for each vendor and data processing purpose.
  • To minimize your efforts in setup and maintenance, you’ll be able to use our CMP to scan your site to detect and list all third-party vendors that you work with from the TCF Global Vendor List.

What Is the IAB?

The IAB is an independent advertising organization based in New York whose mission is to create an industry standard for online marketing and advertising around the globe.

IAB Europe, the European branch of the IAB, develops frameworks and programs for the industry that help businesses work with the EU market while respecting privacy laws like the:

The group promotes integrity, transparency, and accountability so businesses can thrive in the European market while adequately respecting the privacy rights of EU users.

What Is the TCF?

The IAB Europe developed the transparency and consent framework to help websites implement the proper policies and technical specifications to perform digital advertising in the EU while respecting data privacy laws like the GDPR.

The TCF was initially launched in 2018, and the IAB Europe has updated it several times to reflect the needs of the industry and consumer rights.

It’s considered an accountability tool, and websites can register as publishers officially under the TCF or may choose to use the resources voluntarily.

Using the TCF v2.2 involves implementing all of the following:

  • Use a CMP that meets the TCF version 2.2 requirements to present your website visitors with a compatible consent banner.
  • The consent banner sends signals to registered vendors using strings (TC string) to communicate their consent choices regarding your data processing activities.
  • Your EU website visitors have the choice to accept, deny, or customize what they consent to and can easily change their minds at any time.
  • Detailed information about your use of cookies or other trackers, the purposes for data processing, and the third parties you want to share information with is presented to them on the consent banner.
  • The system then sends a TC string to the vendors communicating your visitor’s consent choice, and the vendors must honor and respect what the string conveys.

To further assist with GDPR compliance, TCF v2.2 requires a reporting mechanism to document your website visitors’ consent choices and all vendor interactions.


Termly’s CMP will support IAB Europe’s TCF v2.2 requirements by January 2024.

We’re making it easy for our new and future users to configure their CMP to meet the TCF v2.2 digital advertising standards.

  • You’ll be able to configure the settings for your European users right in your Termly dashboard.
  • The updates will help businesses reduce legal risks associated with serving ads in the EU under the GDPR and improve operational efficiency in overall compliance management.
  • You’ll also have access to a scanning tool to detect and list all vendors you’re sharing data with and can add detailed information about your purposes for the data processing, which you can manage directly in your Termly dashboard.

We’re excited about these developments to our CMP and can’t wait to help you better serve your business and your European consumers.

Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM
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Written by Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

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