Termly Partners With accessiBe To Promote Inclusion and Accessibility

Christine Hennel

by Christine Hennel

April 19, 2022

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Termly Partners with accessiBe

accessiBe, the market leader in AI web accessibility, and Termly, the all-in-one compliance solution, have announced a joint partnership. Both companies create streamlined, business-friendly, but robust solutions for compliance with accessibility and data privacy regulations.

More importantly, both companies have a shared vision of promoting the ethical need for both accessibility and respect for privacy because it’s the right thing to do and not just because it’s legally required.

About accessiBe


accessiBe is the market leader in AI web accessibility solutions and technologies with the goal of making the entire internet accessible to everyone.

As a web accessibility hub, accessiBe provides different AI-Powered solutions for testing and remediating web accessibility and various professional services aimed to create an inclusive web and help businesses comply with web accessibility standards and regulations, i.e., WCAG and ADA. 

accessiBe’s full suite of web accessibility solutions enables businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large corporations, to participate in global inclusion efforts and make their websites available to everybody, regardless of ability.

accessiBe’s founding team has deep domain expertise in web development and accessibility services. They have developed the technologies in close partnership with users who have vision impairments or blindness, epilepsy, motor impairments, cognitive dysfunctions, and other disabilities.

At its core, accessiBe provides its partners with a simple solution to help ensure their clients’ websites are accessible in a business-friendly way.

While accessiBe believes that you should make your websites accessible simply because it’s the right thing to do, there are additional benefits to inclusion. Striving for inclusion will boost your brand’s reputation, open your consumer base to the disability community — totaling more than one billion people globally — and minimize the risk of being exposed to legal action.

Termly has the same core values of compliance for modern businesses, and that’s why the partnership felt natural. 

Termly customers will now be able to receive AI-driven web accessibility and 24-hour automatic maintenance scans of any new and updated content, along with monthly compliance audits.

Termly’s compliance suite will allow accessiBe customers to stay up to date and comply with privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Regulation, etc.

At Termly, we are committed to ensuring our customers are compliant with all applicable data privacy laws, including the CCPA mandate that all privacy-related notices and disclaimers are accessible to consumers with disabilities. That commitment lead us to our exciting partnership with accessiBe, in which we will guide both of our customer bases into doing the right thing by making their sites compliant and accessible to everybody.

David Reynier, CEO of Termly

Promoting Conscious Inclusion and Compliance

While both companies provide solutions for compliance with regulation, the ultimate goal of both companies is to convince businesses to account for accessibility, inclusion, and respect for privacy because it’s the right thing to do and leads to a better web for everyone.

This partnership truly demonstrates that accessibility and compliance go hand in hand, leading to a more inclusive and transparent web. In addition, the two companies greatly complement each other with similar goals and expertise in helping clients achieve and maintain compliance. 

Accessibility and compliance have become an industry standard since, in both cases, the business success of achieving these standards gets interpreted as a value for end-users and customers. 

Addressing users’ needs around the world is a shared goal of both accessibility and compliance.

Christine Hennel
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