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Our Full Suite of Compliance Solutions

Only looking for a single policy or cookie consent solution? Protect your website with one of the following for FREE! And if that’s not enough to protect your growing business, sign up to take advantage of our full suite of compliance solutions.

Policy Generators

An ever-expanding list of legally vetted policies to protect your business and help with your compliance needs.

Privacy Policy Generator

Create a compliant privacy policy that outlines your data collection practices

Terms and Conditions Generator

Establish guidelines and safeguard your business with custom terms

Disclaimer Generator

Avoid copyright infringement & intellectual property disputes

EULA Generator

Generate a compliant and automatically updated End-user License Agreement

Shipping Policy Generator

Create a shipping policy to manage your customers expectations

Refund & Return Policy Generator

Generate a return policy to appease your customers and protect your business

Consent Management Platform

Obtain and manage consent on your website or app while easily providing a robust and flexible solution that will compliment your business needs and regulatory requirements.

Cookie Policy Generator

Notify users, provide cookie preferences, and obtain consent for your cookie use

Cookie Consent Manager

Create a managed consent solution to protect your blog, website, or app

Cookie Scanner

Scan, categorize, and review your website’s cookies

Cookie Banner Generator

Create a customized cookie banner for your website in minutes

Yasmeen, Privacy Engineer @ Termly

Our products are incredibly easy to use with a customer support team eager to help you along the way to full compliance - Yasmeen, Privacy Engineer @ Termly

Trusted by Thousands

4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot

"I am a long-time web designer/developer and recommend everyone to use Termly on all sites they own unless they have a legal team of their own. Compliance on the web is a MUST, not a suggestion. Termly is an amazing service and easy to use and update as business grows."

"It [Termly] does a great job of walking you through step by step and providing questions to guide you through the process and make sure you don't miss anything."

"I appreciated how quickly I was able to reach customer support. The person was very helpful in getting me the information I needed to present internally so I could sign us up for Termly!"

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For Free

Sign up for our Basic plan and manage your cookies or create any one policy absolutely free. Serious about compliance? Access our full suite of compliance solutions with our other affordable plans.


For minimal compliance


Billed Monthly Continue Free
  • 1 legal policy
  • 4 policy edits
  • 10,000/mo. Banner Visitors
  • Cookie Policy & Banner
  • Cookie Script Auto Blocker
  • HTML Embeddable Policies
  • Quarterly cookie scans


For companies in need of essential protection


Billed Monthly Choose Plan
  • 2 legal policies
  • 10 policy edits
  • 100,000/mo. Banner Visitors
  • Cookie Policy & Banner
  • Cookie Script Auto Blocker
  • HTML Embeddable Policies
  • Monthly cookie scans
  • Privacy Regulation Monitoring


For businesses seeking complete compliance


Billed Monthly Choose Plan
  • Unlimited legal polices
  • Unlimited policy edits
  • Unlimited banner visitors
  • Privacy Regulation Monitoring
  • Cookie Policy & Banner
  • Cookie Script Auto Blocker
  • HTML Embeddable Policies
  • Weekly cookie scans
  • Auto-Updated Policies
  • Remove Termly logo
  • Custom Banner styles
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Regional Consent Rules
  • Multi-User permissions


For large portfolios of websites or resellers


Billed Monthly Get in Touch
  • Bulk Pricing Discounts
  • Multi-Domain Management
  • Multi-User permissions
Everything in Pro+ and...
  • Custom Marketing Materials
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Compliance Support
  • Bulk Import
  • more...
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Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

Our skillful engineers made our entire suite of compliance products with guidance and oversight from our expert data privacy legal team - Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

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Products FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our products.

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Which laws does Termly cover?

Are subdomains included in my plan?

Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?

Do you offer discounts?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

How long does account setup take?

Do you have a reseller or partner program?