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Your Compliance Partner

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Termly All-in-One Compliance Solution

Your Compliance Partner

Termly started by providing businesses a simple and easy way to comply with data compliance regulations through policy generation. Since then, we have grown to be an all-in-one solution by expanding our policy offerings and incorporating consent management for SMBs around the globe.

All around the world, we help businesses, law firms, tech professionals, compliance professionals, and agencies comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations.

We help you comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make data compliance for businesses around the globe as easy, affordable, and user-friendly as possible while providing the most comprehensive policy and consent solution on the market today.

"We take compliance seriously. We offer protection and education for our customers and partners — and have done so even before GDPR was put into law."

58 MM+ Consents Collected

58 MM+

Consents Collected
22,000+ Terms Generated


Terms Generated
32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated


Privacy Policies Generated

Our Leadership

32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
David Reynier CEO
32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
Jona Smulders Cohen Senior Product Manager
32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
Raffaele Riconosciuto Director of Marketing
32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
Ben Reece VP of Engineering
Masha Komnenic Director of Global Privacy

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