Your Compliance Partner

Termly started by providing businesses a simple and easy way to comply with data compliance regulations through policy generation. Since then, we have grown to be an all-in-one solution by expanding our policy offerings and incorporating consent management for SMBs around the globe.

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Termly All-in-One Compliance Solution

Your Compliance Partner

We help you comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make data compliance for businesses around the globe as easy, affordable, and user-friendly as possible while providing the most comprehensive policy and consent solution on the market today.

"We take compliance seriously. We offer protection and education for our customers and partners — and have done so even before GDPR was put into law."

58 MM+ Consents Collected


policies per day
22,000+ Terms Generated


32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated


consents per month

Our Leadership

32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
David Reynier CEO
32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
Jona Smulders Cohen Senior Product Manager
32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
Raffaele Riconosciuto Director of Marketing
32,000+ Privacy Policies Generated
Ben Reece VP of Engineering
Masha Komnenic Director of Global Privacy

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