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With our automatic cookie scanning tool, you can scan, categorize, and review your website’s cookies in a few simple steps. Take the first step towards cookie compliance by starting your website cookie scan today for FREE!

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How to scan your website for cookies

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How it Works

Scan your site

The scanner automatically finds and categorizes your cookies.

Review cookie information

You get a scan report and can make any necessary edits.

Generate Cookie Policy

Customize your cookie notification and embed your free cookie policy.



Cookie Scanner Features

Our free cookie scanning tool allows you to detect and categorize the cookies on your website automatically. After the scan, there are several additional features to utilize:

Discover Cookies on Your Website

Cookie Scanning and Classification

Termly’s free cookie scanner automatically finds and categorizes cookies into one of six categories of cookies:

  • Essential
  • Performance and Functionality
  • Analytics and Customization
  • Advertising
  • Social Networking
  • Unclassified

Simply review the final cookie report, categorize any unclassified cookies, and you’ll be able to customize your cookie notification, block any cookies, and generate your cookie declaration.

Watch: How to Categorize Your Cookies

How to Categorize Your Cookies

Automatically Block Cookies

Schedule Automatic Cookie Scans

You can set up scheduled scans so that our cookie checker will frequently revisit your website on a regular basis and check for any new cookies that may have been set. This will ensure that all of your policies, reports, banners, and preferences always stay up to date.

Automatically Block Cookies

Auto Block Cookies

Cookie blocking is essential for cookie compliance under laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You need to block cookies until your users give their consent. With Auto Blocker, it’s easy to block cookies such as tracking cookies and more. Auto Blocker detects third-party cookies and scripts and checks a user’s consent settings before allowing cookies and other third-party scripts to run.

Customizable Cookie Notice Banner

Customizable Cookie Notice Banner

Match your website style by customizing your consent banner’s colors, font, display style, and position. Pick from a built-in theme or create your own. We’ll generate a custom code snippet that you can copy and paste on your website.

Watch: How to Customize Your Consent Banner

How to Customize Your Consent Banner

Cookie Policy Included

Cookie Policy Included

You will be able to add your new cookie policy to your website using one of three embed options:

  • HTML
  • Code snippet
  • URL

We will also add a link to your cookie policy in your customizable user consent banner, which we automatically generate.

User Preference Center and Consent Logs

User Preference Center and Consent Logs

Embed a preference center to allow your users to change their cookie preferences at any time. In addition, user consent logs will be stored in accordance with the GDPR — you can download your consent log report directly from your Termly dashboard.

DSARs and “Do Not Sell” links

DSARs and “Do Not Sell” links

Full compliance means more than just a cookie notice and policy. You also need to give your site visitors ways to request information about their personal data, submit data deletion requests, and more. Termly offers an embeddable Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) form and a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link that you can easily add to your website.

Cookie Scanner FAQ

We answer the most frequently asked questions we get about our cookie scanner tool.

What is a cookie scanner?

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How does Termly’s cookie scanner work?

Why do I need to scan my website’s cookies?

What are the legal requirements for cookies?

Can I scan cookies manually?

Free Cookie Scanning Tool
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Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

Our cookie scanner was engineered with guidance from our team of data privacy experts to cover the entire spectrum of cookie regulation. - Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

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