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Control your data and learn how we ensure our services are trustworthy, secure, and transparent.

Our Privacy Principles and What They Mean

As a privacy-first company, our mission is to help you experience the web in a way that respects your personal information and rights.

Privacy being at the core of our services, it’s essential to us that you also trust how Termly operates as a company.

We uphold high privacy standards and principles in both our offered services and internal operations.

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Privacy by Design and by Default

Privacy is implemented in the design phase of our products and services to ensure you have appropriate controls over your personal information — and those of your customers. We configure our default product settings to automatically comply with data protection laws that apply to your needs.

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Provide a Secure Environment for Your Information

Privacy is not possible without security. We operate information security programs that ensure our systems are protected and implement processes that enable the management of personal data from collection to deletion.

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Be Accountable and Transparent About Our Privacy Commitments

We know having control over your personal information is important. To us, being transparent about what information you share with us and how we use it is necessary. We work hard to give you visibility over our privacy commitments, internal practices, and your choices regarding your personal data. 

Privacy at Termly means…

A Team of Experts to Help You

Our Privacy Team contains privacy professionals with CIPM, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPT, and FIP certifications and is committed to protecting your personal information through our products and internal operations. They’re involved in designing our products at all stages to ensure Termly stays on top of data protection laws and their latest advancements.

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A Privacy Program and Culture

Our Privacy Team runs an internal compliance program. Through company-wide data mappings, awareness sessions, and vendor SOPs, this program helps us increase compliance with European and American data protection laws, foster best practices, and fulfill your requests.

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