Impressum Template: Free Download and Real Life Examples


An Impressum is a legal statement of ownership required in Germany and other German-speaking countries, such as Austria and Switzerland.

They help promote transparency by ensuring all websites in Germany present users with their official names, contact information, and other essential details.

Keep reading to access our free Impressum template and learn more about when you should use it and what goes into an Impressum.

Table of Contents
  1. Download Our Free Impressum Template
  2. How To Use Our Impressum Template
  3. Impressum Template Explained: Part-by-Part
  4. Real Impressum Examples
  5. Tips for Complying With Impressum Requirements
  6. Other Similar Policies Your Business May Need

How To Use Our Impressum Template

Simply fill in the blank sections with accurate details about your business.

Here’s what you’ll need to include:

  • Your business name(s)
  • Your business address(es)
  • A working phone number
  • A working email address
  • The name of any authorized representatives
  • The country where your office is registered
  • The commercial register your business is part of as managed by your local court
  • Your commercial registration number
  • Your business’s VAT ID
  • Your business’s tax ID

Impressum Template Explained: Part-by-Part

In this next section, I’ll walk you through each part of the Impressum template and explain the legal requirements and details for each necessary component.

Business Name and Address

Your Impressum must include your business’s name, legal designation(s), and official registered address.

For single-person businesses, it’s okay to use your full name in place of a business name.

But don’t use a P.O. box, as these are not considered adequate.

Contact Information

You must include your company contact information in your Impressum, like a working phone number and/or email address.

Ensure the details you include in this section work and are regularly monitored.

Authorized Representatives

Include the name of an authorized representative on your Impressum.

An authorized representative is a person who can make decisions on behalf of the business that users can contact if they have any questions.

You might choose yourself if you’re the business owner, a board member, or another authority figure who represents your company.

Supervisory Authority

For businesses in fields that are regulated by government authorities, include details like the registered office and registration court that applies to you.

Doing so informs users about the standards and regulations you’re required to comply with and what laws govern your company.

Company Registration Details

Incorporated companies all have registration numbers — if your business has one, it should be included in your Impressum.


If you have a value-added tax identification number or VAT ID, put it in your Impressum.

Doing so allows users to identify your tax status and check your VAT register should they desire to, increasing transparency, which is the primary purpose of an Impressum.

Tax ID

Similar to a VAT ID, you might also choose to include your tax identification or tax ID number on your Impressum.

A tax ID number helps identify a business entity, which is why it’s important to add.

Real Impressum Examples

Now that you know how to use an Impressum template, I’ll walk you through some real-life Impressum examples different companies use on their websites.

ADIDAS Impressum

Let’s look at an example of an Impressum from ADIDAS, a German sportswear company.

As shown in the screenshot below, ADIDAS includes all necessary details on their Impressum page, which is accessible in the footer of their website.


When translated into English, ADIDAS titles their Impressum as an Imprint. You can choose to use either title as well.

ALDI Impressum

Now let’s look at the grocery store ALDI for another Impressum example.

As shown in the screenshot below, when translated into English, ALDI’s Impressum is called a Legal Notice, which is another accepted title for this type of disclosure.


ALDI specifically references the German Telemedia Act, which makes it easy for users to understand the disclosure and why it’s necessary.

Their Impressum also features multiple parts, and the company does a good job of using clear headers, so the user knows what information appears in which section.

Consider including headers like the ALDI example above if your business has multiple addresses, legal names, or complex registration details.

Allianz Impressum

Finally, let’s examine a sample of the Impressum from Allianz, a multinational financial services company based in Munich.

As shown in the screenshot below, their Impressum lists several authorized representatives.


The official address, phone number, and email for Allianz appear further down the page.

If multiple people at your company are authorized to make decisions on behalf of your business, feel free to include them all in an easy-to-read list, just like the Allianz example above.

Tips for Complying With Impressum Requirements

Having helped international companies comply with German regulations, I can clearly see how important it is to not only become compliant but also demonstrate this compliance to the relevant authorities.

Follow these tips to help ensure you’re adding a compliant Impressum to your website so you can avoid fines and legal penalties under the German Telemedia Act:

  • Tip 1: Make sure your Impressum is easy for users to find on your website. For example, place it in the footer so it appears on every page a user can navigate to.
  • Tip 2: Title the link and the document as ‘Impressum,’ ‘Imprint,’ or ‘Legal Notice,’ which are the commonly known terms for this type of disclosure.
  • Tip 3: Make sure your Impressum information is always up-to-date and accurate. If any of your business details change, you should immediately update your Impressum.
  • Tip 4: Ensure users can easily access and read your impressum from mobile devices, desktop devices, tablets, and other technology that access the internet.
  • Tip 5: Don’t hide your Impressum behind a drop-down tab or in a pop-up. It must remain in a static place on your site and always be readily accessible to users.

Other Similar Policies Your Business May Need

Businesses that operate online are often required to post several different essential policies on their websites.

Some are legally required, while others are considered best practices that help protect your business and consumers.

Legally required policies your business might need include:

Other website policies that are a best practice to post include:

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