Termly’s Sub-Processors

Termly, Inc. or its Affiliates listed below, engages the following entities (each a “Sub-processor,” including the relevant Affiliates) to process Customer Data in order to provide and improve our services.

Before Termly engages any sub-processor, Termly performs due diligence on its data protection practices in order to ensure that it provides the required level of protection for Customer Data. Click on the sub-processor name in the table below to review their privacy policy.

Sub-processors in use:

Name Country Purpose Contact Information Compliance & Security
Accuranker Denmark Search Engine Optimization [email protected]
Ahrefs Singapore Search Engine Optimization [email protected]
Amazon Web Services USA, Washington Hosting Contact Portal AWS Security Center
Appcues USA, Massachusetts Improve products & services [email protected] Appcues Trust Center
Atlassian Corporation Australia Improve products & services [email protected] Atlassian Trust Center
BareMetrics USA, California Business metrics and reporting [email protected] BareMetrics Security page
BigQuery USA, California Combines data to create summary of user actions Google privacy portal Google Cloud Security Center
Cloudflare, Inc. USA, California Proxy server, authentication [email protected]

[email protected]

Cloudflare Compliance Center

Cloudflare Transparency report

Datadog USA, New York Application performance, metrics aggregation, displaying data and alerting [email protected] Datadog Security Center
DPOrganizer Sweden DSAR Management [email protected]
Facebook USA, California Single Sign-On authentication Meta Privacy Center
Fellow USA, California Work Management [email protected] Fellow Security & Compliance Center
Google LLC USA, Wisconsin Analytics and advertising


Single Sign-On authentication

Google privacy portal Google Cloud Security Center
Heap USA, California Analyze user behavior [email protected] Heap Security Center
Hubspot USA, New Hampshire Customer Relationship Management [email protected] Hubspot Security Center
Impact Tech USA, California Referral network management [email protected] [email protected]
Intercom USA, California Provide Customer Service [email protected] Intercom Security Page
Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) USA, California Combines data to create summary of user actions Google privacy portal Google Cloud Security Center
Microsoft Ads USA, Washington Search Engine advertising Microsoft privacy portal Microsoft Privacy Center
Microsoft Clarity USA, Washington Search Engine Optimization Microsoft privacy portal Microsoft Privacy Center
ProductBoard USA, California Collect Customer’s product feedback [email protected] ProductBoard Trust Portal
ProfitWell USA, Massachusetts Business metrics and reporting [email protected] Profitwell Security Center
Retool USA, California Dashboards to improve Customer Service [email protected] Retool Security Page
Semrush USA, Massachusetts Search Engine Optimization [email protected] Semrush Security Center
SendGrid, Inc. USA, California Marketing and product communications [email protected] SendGrid Security Center
Sentry USA, Wisconsin Error monitoring [email protected] Sentry Security Center
Slack USA, California Communications [email protected] Slack Security Center
Stripe USA, California Payments and refunds processing [email protected] Stripe Security Documentation
Trello USA, New York Work Management [email protected] Trello Security Center
WPEngine USA, Texas Website hosting [email protected] WPEngine Security Practices
Zapier USA, California Improve products & services [email protected] Zapier Security & Compliance
Zoom USA, California Communications [email protected] Zoom Trust Center