Termly Fully Supports Google Consent Mode v2


Termly’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) allows you to activate Google Consent Mode on your site in just two steps.

  • Full Google Consent Mode v2 Solution
  • Google Certified CMP
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Easily Activate Google Consent Mode v2 On Your Site

Termly makes setting up Google Consent Mode effortless.

“I highly recommend Termly for anyone navigating the new era of online privacy. They make it easy, affordable, and most importantly, compliant!”

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Full Google Consent Mode Solution

Activate Google Consent Mode v2 on your website with a click from your Termly dashboard.


Google Certified CMP

Termly is a Google Certified CMP you can trust to handle your Consent Mode settings.


IAB TCF 2.2 Ready

Along with Google Consent Mode, you can set your consent banner to meet TCF 2.2 requirements.

Match Your Website & Language

Geolocation Detection

Configure your Google-friendly consent solution to show up in regions your users are from.

Built By Legal Experts

Built By Legal Experts

Our Google Consent Mode solution is created by our talented engineers, who are guided by our Head of Global Privacy and her team.


Match Your Website & Language

Edit your Google-compatible consent banner colors, fonts, position, language, and more!

Easy to Install

Works on Any Platform or CMS

Your Google-ready consent solution will work on your website, blog, ecommerce store, Shopify, WordPress site, and more!

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Simply copy and paste an HTML code snippet to your website, and your consent banner will appear.

How It Works


Use our consent management system for your site.

Easy to Use

Enable Google Consent Mode in your consent banner settings.

Easy to Install

Configure your consent defaults in Termly’s embed code

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We’re here to help!

Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any questions and concerns you may have. We also offer comprehensive support articles that tackle our users’ most common questions.

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Google Consent Mode Explained

What Is Google Consent Mode?

Google launched Google Consent Mode in 2020 to give website owners more control over advertising and analytics cookies in relation to users’ consent preferences.

Instead of relying on internet cookies, Google Consent Mode introduces new tag settings that adapt based on each individual’s consent choice. With these tags enabled, Google Consent Mode can gather non-identifying, aggregate information about users who opt out of cookies.

Their algorithm uses data mapping technology to fill gaps in your conversions based on user consent choices.

You just need to use a compatible CMP, like ours, that’s certified to integrate seamlessly with all of Google Consent Mode’s revolutionary bells and whistles.

Currently, Google Consent Mode works with the following Google services:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Floodlight
  • Conversion Linker

What Is the Advantage of Google Consent Mode?

The advantage of using a CMP that integrates with Google Consent Mode is that you won’t lose significant amounts of data due to consumers following through on their right to opt out of certain types of cookies and other trackers.

Google Consent Mode uses an incredibly smart algorithm that applies conversion modeling to your data sets to recover lost conversions caused by changes in your users’ consent preferences without relying on the use of internet cookies.

advantages of google consent mode

What Is a Google CMP Partner?

Google CMP Partners are a group of privacy compliance organizations that Google recognizes as offering consent management platforms or CMPs that easily enable websites to fully access all of Google Consent Mode’s features and benefits — like comprehensive data mapping.

Using an official Google CMP Partner like us for your consent management helps automate the entire process. We also support you if you need assistance with setup or basic troubleshooting.

termly is a certified google consent mode partner

How Do Businesses Benefit From Using a Google CMP Partner?

Businesses benefit from using an official Google CMP Partner for consent management because it’s the easiest way to access all the features of Google Consent Mode.

The partnership means Google recognizes that Termly’s CMP seamlessly integrates with Google Consent Mode so you can officially unlock and utilize its technology.

Plus, our support staff can help you with setup and basic troubleshooting!

benefits of google consent mode


What’s Different in Google Consent Mode v2?

Read our comprehensive guide below to find out the changes Consent Mode v2 brings.

What is Google Consent Mode v2?

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