IAB TCF 2.2 Compliance Solution


Termly’s consent management platform now fully supports the IAB TCF 2.2. You can set up TCF 2.2 controls directly from your Termly dashboard with a click of a button to align your marketing with EU privacy laws.

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Implement TCF 2.2 With One Click

Termly makes it effortless to integrate the TCF 2.2 on your website.

“I highly recommend Termly for anyone navigating the new era of online privacy. They make it easy, affordable, and most importantly, compliant!”

Works on Any Platform or CMS

TCF 2.2 Consent Banner

Activate TCF 2.2 on your consent banner with one click in your Termly dashboard.

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Automatic Vendor Scanner

Use our vendor scanner to create a list of vendors who advertise on your site.


Satisfy Google Requirements

Meet the TCF 2.2 requirements that Google is imposing on its Ad publishers in Jan 2024.

Match Your Website & Language

Geolocation Detection

Your TCF banner will only show up in regions where it’s relevant — like the EU.

Built By Legal Experts

Built By Legal Experts

Our TCF 2.2 solution is created by our talented engineers, who are guided by our Head of Global Privacy and her team.


Match Your Website & Language

Edit your TCF-compatible banner colors, fonts, position, language, and more!

Easy to Install

Works on Any Platform or CMS

Your TCF-enabled consent banner will work on your website, blog, ecommerce store, Shopify, WordPress site, and more!

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Simply copy and paste an HTML code snippet to your website, and your consent banner will appear.

How It Works


Use our consent management system for your site.

Easy to Use

Enable TCF 2.2 in your consent banner settings.

Configure your vendor settings with our unique vendor scanner.

Privacy Policy Generator


Set Up TCF 2.2

Enter Your Website URL

Set up our consent management system for you website by scanning your site below.

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We’re here to help!

Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any questions and concerns you may have. We also offer comprehensive support articles that tackle our users’ most common questions.

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IAB TCF 2.2 Explained

What Is the TCF 2.2?

The TCF is an accountability tool, and websites can register as publishers officially under the TCF or may choose to use the resources voluntarily.

How To Set Up TCF 2.2

Using the TCF v2.2 involves implementing all of the following:

  • Use a CMP that meets the TCF version 2.2 requirements to present your website visitors with a compatible consent banner — that’s Termly!
  • Your consent banner should send signals to registered vendors using strings (TC string) to communicate their consent choices regarding your data processing activities.
  • Your EU website visitors should be able to accept, deny, or customize what they consent to and can easily change their minds at any time.
  • You should have detailed information about your use of cookies or other trackers, the purposes for data processing, and the third parties you want to share information with is presented to them on the consent banner.
  • The system then sends a TC string to the vendors communicating your visitor’s consent choice, and the vendors must honor and respect what the string conveys.

To further assist with GDPR compliance, TCF v2.2 requires a reporting mechanism to document your website visitors’ consent choices and all vendor interactions.


What Is the IAB?

The IAB is an independent advertising organization based in New York whose mission is to create an industry standard for online marketing and advertising around the globe.

IAB Europe, the European branch of the IAB, develops frameworks and programs for the industry that help businesses work with the EU market while respecting privacy laws like the:

The group promotes integrity, transparency, and accountability so businesses can thrive in the EU market while adequately respecting the privacy rights of EU users.



Get more info on the TCF 2.2!

We’ve written a comprehensive guide on IAB’s TCF 2.2.

IAB TCF v2.2 Guide

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