All-in-One Compliance for Tech Professionals

Compliance for Tech Professionals

Working in tech requires you to navigate complex data privacy and security laws. But many tech professionals feel they need to choose between paying for a lawyer and risking compliance violations. We want to bring you simple, straightforward, and effective solutions tailored to your tech niche.

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Privacy Policy Generator

Policy Solution for Tech Professionals

Under privacy laws, e-commerce regulations, third-party provider guidelines, and best business practices, you NEED essential legal policies like a privacy policy to ensure you fully comply with data privacy laws.

In addition, if your work requires the operation of a website or app, you need terms and conditions to reduce your legal liabilities.

Cookie Policy Generator

Cookie Consent Solution for Tech Professionals

One of the hardest (and most expensive) compliance demands is cookie consent that meets GDPR, Cookie Law, and CCPA requirements.

We’ll help you quickly and easily set up a cookie consent banner, cookie policy, preference center, consent management, and auto-blocking.

Why choose Termly for Your Data Compliance Solution

Termly gives professionals in various industries the simple tools they need to provide a comprehensive compliance solution for their clients or themselves. You’ll have access to legal policy generators, consent management, DSAR forms, and more!

Privacy Policy

Our service is engineered to give professionals the tools they need to comply with worldwide data privacy laws or offer a simple compliance solution to their clients. – Yasmeen, Privacy Engineer @ Termly

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Auto Updates with Changing Privacy Laws

Many countries and US states are drafting new privacy legislation or updating their existing legislation. Our legal team stays on top of privacy law changes for you, and we make sure our products receive necessary updates to stay compliant.

Easy to Install

Code Snippets and Hosting

Termly gives you straightforward ways to use our products. A cookie consent banner with Auto Blocker features can be implemented with a single code snippet. If you need legal policies, Termly offers HTML code embedding options as well as Termly-hosted URLs or iFrames.


Saves Money

Staying compliant can be costly and time-consuming. You can save time and money by using Termly’s comprehensive compliance solution including policy and agreement generators, all-in-one consent management, and more.

Termly’s Benefits

Our easy-to-use software is streamlined with features to make consent and data privacy painless and is perfect for tech professionals. As a professional, you get access to these additional benefits:

“I have heard some clients explicitly ask about a compliance solution during the sales process. It is pretty cool to eyes light up as I explain that there is indeed a viable solution via Termly”

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What are you waiting for? Join our team of resellers helping over 1,000,000 customers worldwide with their GDPR, CPPA, and general compliance needs.

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Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, Termly’s intuitive software generates disclaimers for any business in minutes. Don’t put your business at risk when protection is free.

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Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

Termly is backed by a seasoned team of legal, engineering, and customer support experts to help you or your clients comply with worldwide data privacy regulation. – Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

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