Eikon Labs Streamlines Compliance Using Termly

Miljo Dragutinovic

by Miljo Dragutinovic

June 15, 2022

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Freed up 6 hours per week

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Saved $840 per month

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Eikon Labs is a full-service web design and development agency offering creative and development services.

It consists of designers, developers, digital strategists, and project managers who work around the clock on UI and UX design for apps, websites, and marketing collateral.

They focus on small and medium-sized businesses and are a trusted HubSpot solution partner, professional Webflow partner, and Semrush partner agency.

The Challenges

Complex data privacy laws

Dealing With Complex Data Privacy Laws

Prior to implementing Termly, one core challenge of Eikon Labs was ensuring data privacy compliance for client websites, apps, and marketing material.

It became burdensome to manage consent and create privacy policies, terms and conditions, and other legal policies for his clients.

Having multiple clients meant that all of these complex tasks had to be recreated for each site, resulting in a lot of administrative work for the agency.

Anebi needed something to streamline the process of ensuring his clients were compliant with laws like the GDPR, CCPA, Cookie Law, and more.

“If you’re building a website you want to have a good GDPR policy, as well as a cookie policy that visitors can accept or refuse. That’s a big thing in the industry,”


Anebi Agbo, founder and CEO of Eikon Labs

Time Drain

Eikon Labs had to dedicate a lot of time to manually updating legal documents and ensuring proper consent management for each client.

This time drain led them to look for an innovative solution that could easily fit into their workflow and help them become and stay compliant.

High cost and legal fees

High Costs and Legal Fees

Many other solutions Anebi tried either required lengthy engagement with attorneys to develop customized legal policies or cost much more than Termly.

Instead, Eikon Labs wanted something they could work on themselves – customize it, embed it in the website, and not derail web design projects.

Simply put, Anebi was looking for a service that could handle a fairly new and complicated requirement: data privacy compliance at scale.

The Solution

After extensive research on G2 and numerous other review websites, he settled on Termly as the solution that Eikon Labs would use for itself and its clients.

Anebi loves that Termly combines convenience, cost, and quality – plus, it’s timely! 

So far, Eikon Labs has been using Termly’s Policy Generators and Cookie Consent Manager for its clients’ businesses with great success.

The agency can now quickly handle consent management, create new legal policies for their clients, and avoid extra costs. The process of data privacy compliance has been streamlined.

“I wanted an all-around solution that I could plug and play, and Termly has been more than enough for that.”


Anebi Agbo, founder and CEO of Eikon Labs

A lot of Anebi’s clients often had the same problem — they didn’t have good access to legal counsel, or the legal options they did have were too expensive. Anebi had no trouble convincing them that Termly was the right solution, proclaiming that “it actually sells itself.”

“All I have to say is,’ here’s what Termly is, here’s what it does,’ and it’s done – clients onboard!” explained Anebi.

The Outcome

Adding Termly to its technology suite has enabled Eikon Labs to clean up its compliance situation and ensure it has all the right policies in place for each client.

Unique Selling Proposition

In addition to website design and development, Anebi can now offer robust data privacy compliance services as a selling point to his clients, which sets him apart from other agencies.

Increased Productivity and Savings

Termly has also increased Eikon Labs’ productivity by eliminating the need to spend time finding and updating legal policies. “Yes, there are templates for that, but it’s better to have a service that regularly updates those policies,” says Anebi.

Looking back, Anebi estimates that Termly has saved them at least 6 hours each week that they would have spent fiddling with legal policies otherwise. That’s around $840 saved per month in labor costs.

In addition, freeing up this time has increased his capacity to onboard more clients.

Anebi also raves about Termly’s easy-to-use interface and overall functionality paired with a clean and intuitive design.


“Termly is not only functional, but also clean and easy on the eye. As a design consultancy owner, good design is something I care about. I also like how easy it is to create new terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc. It’s all very straightforward.”


Anebi Agbo, founder and CEO of Eikon Labs


Anebi attests that Termly is an excellent tool that has changed a lot of things for Eikon Labs in terms of what they offer. He is eager for more businesses to use a solution like Termly and is excited to bring more customers on board over time.

In fact, after only a short time, he already has five clients signed on for the new compliance service they are offering through Termly.

The feedback they’ve received was “it is a no-brainer service. It just makes sense.”

“I have heard some clients explicitly ask about a compliance solution during the sales process. It is pretty cool to eyes light up as I explain that there is indeed a viable solution via Termly,” Anebi recalls.

With every new project and website, Anebi makes sure to include consent management, terms of service, and privacy policies powered by Termly.

“My initial reaction was, ‘Why didn’t I find Termly a long time ago?’ It’s been amazing to use Termly and I will be using it for a long time. I’m super excited about this service!”


Anebi Agbo, founder and CEO of Eikon Labs

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