Termly Releases API for Partners and Agencies

Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

by Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

December 15, 2021

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Termly is rolling out access to their API. This will allow a new level of compliance integration for partners and agencies.

The API can help partners build Termly compliance features into their applications and processes. Compliance scanners, consent banners, and legal policies can be integrated into applications or content management systems to give users access to compliance features — all without leaving the application.

Compliance tools will be able to be built into new client onboarding, keeping customers compliant from day one. Organizations can also save time and effort with batch account update options and automated cookie scans.

Partners will be able to use the API to:

    • Add, remove, and edit websites in their Termly account
    • Invite users to a Termly account and assign access to one or multiple websites
    • Trigger compliance scans for websites
    • Add, edit, or remove cookie information in the cookie policy and consent banner
    • Adjust consent banner style and behavior for one or multiple banners
    • Generate customized cookie policies

Users can check out our API support article to learn more about all of the above features.

Termly hopes that API access will allow more businesses and websites to get the compliance they need. Termly’s cookie consent solution and legal policies have helped thousands of websites around the world. The public API launch aligns with Termly’s goals to make compliance as easy, affordable, and user-friendly as possible.

API rollout will start with limited functionality but will be expanded over time. Interested companies can use the form below to contact Termly’s partnership team to request access to the API.

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Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM
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Written by Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

Etienne is an Information Privacy professional and compliance analyst for Termly. He has been with us since 2021, managing our own compliance with data protection laws and participating in our marketing researches. His fields of expertise - and interest - include data protection (GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, CCPA), tracking technologies (third-party cookies, fingerprinting), and new forms of privacy management (GPC and the Google Privacy Sandbox). Etienne studied International Economic Affairs at the University of Toulouse, and graduated with a Masters in 2017. More about the author

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