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by Termly Legal Team

March 14, 2019

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In the digital age, data has emerged as both an asset and a threat. The call for data privacy has been heard around the world – resulting in legislative changes far and wide. Now, 100 countries spanning 6 continents have enacted privacy laws which seek to protect the information of internet users. In the United States there can also be differences at the state level which we list in our US privacy law tracker.

As a business, operating within the confines of these new and changing laws is challenging, but necessary. The first step to privacy compliance is to know what you may be up against. Here are some of the biggest privacy laws around the world:


Resources for Privacy Law Compliance

For more information about the California Consumer Privacy Act, check out our comprehensive guide to the CCPA. If you’re still looking for more information on GDPR compliance, our GDPR overview breaks down the law’s key principles and articles.

Finally, if you need help complying with two of the biggest requirements across all of the above privacy laws, read our GDPR consent examples guide and our how-to article on opt in vs opt out.

Global Privacy Laws FAQs

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