Termly Provides WordPress Plugin Update for Legacy Users

Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

by Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

August 5, 2021

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Termly acquired the GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent Banner plugin for WordPress with the intent to update, improve, and expand the functionality of the plugin to fulfill its intended purpose: to ensure users of the plugin comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements. 

The Previous Version was Non-Compliant

The previous version of the plugin did not comply with GDPR, the related ePrivacy Directive, or CCPA requirements and put its users at risk of non-compliance with several privacy regulations. Users can still choose to use the previous plugin version, but we want users to be aware that previous versions of the plugin do not provide full, up-to-date GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, and CCPA compliance. Specifically, the previous version of the plugin did not include “script blocking,” which ensures that a website visitor’s consent is obtained before any scripts are run on the website. With the update, Termly implemented script blocking, user-location-specific behaviors, DSAR forms, and greater customization of the banner for your website.

The Most Recent Update

Our goal was to make the transition to compliance a seamless one, but we did receive feedback from some frustrated customers, specifically in regard to the 100 visitor limit. As of August 10, 2021, we have updated the plugin to address this issue by increasing our free account limit to 10,000 monthly visitors. Additionally, our team is dedicating more support to WordPress forums and continuing to look for ways to provide a better product.

We strive to give each and every customer an excellent experience. We fell short here and we’d like to sincerely apologize for any confusion and frustration this update may have caused. We take customer feedback seriously and appreciate the honesty of all of our users.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected].

About Termly

Termly started by providing businesses a simple and easy way to comply with data compliance regulations through policy generation. Since then, we have grown to be an all-in-one solution by expanding policy offerings and incorporating consent management for small and mid-sized businesses around the globe.

We take compliance seriously. Our goal is to make data compliance as easy, affordable, and user-friendly as possible while providing the most comprehensive policy and consent solution on the market today.

Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM
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Written by Etienne Cussol CIPP/E, CIPM

Etienne is an Information Privacy professional and compliance analyst for Termly. He has been with us since 2021, managing our own compliance with data protection laws and participating in our marketing researches. His fields of expertise - and interest - include data protection (GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, CCPA), tracking technologies (third-party cookies, fingerprinting), and new forms of privacy management (GPC and the Google Privacy Sandbox). Etienne studied International Economic Affairs at the University of Toulouse, and graduated with a Masters in 2017. More about the author

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