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Online Terms and Conditions Generator Features

Made for Your Business

Made for Your Business

Generate terms and conditions designed for your blog, website, app, SaaS, or ecommerce site. Establish guidelines and rights for your platform.



Don’t settle for generic terms of use when you can customize the look and feel of your terms to match the unique style of your website or app.

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

Termly will host your terms and conditions for free! Just place a link on your site to make your terms of service page available to users.

"The easiest place to generate terms and conditions and a privacy policy to get moving and out to market."

How Does Our Terms and Conditions Generator Work?

When you are ready to start building your terms of use, open the generator and follow these steps:

Answer questions about your business, website or app

We provide definitions, answers to common questions, and helper text throughout the generator, designed to help you quickly and accurately answer the questions.

Choose your method of dispute resolution

You’ll be able to include a section in your terms and conditions agreement notifying users how disputes between you and them will be resolved. Choose from litigation, arbitration, or informal negotiations, then arbitration. Your progress will also be saved, so you can take a break and finish your terms and conditions whenever is convenient for you.

Are you using WordPress, Squarespace, or other content management systems? No problem. You can still use Termly’s embed options. We have support pages dedicated to installation walkthroughs on the major content management systems.

Give a few final details and add additional customization if needed

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll have three easy embed options. You can add your terms and conditions to your website or app using HTML, a URL, or an iframe. The URL and iframe options are hosted by Termly, and both have the capability for automatic updates. This means you can edit your terms of service in your Termly dashboard and republish them in a single step without needing to re-embed.

How Does Our Terms and Conditions Generator Work?
Yasmeen, Privacy Engineer @ Termly

We guide you through the process of generating a terms and conditions agreement by asking a few simple questions about your business - Yasmeen, Privacy Engineer @ Termly

Generate Terms and Conditions

The Best Free Terms and Conditions Generator Online

Termly’s Terms and Conditions Generator

About Our Terms and Conditions Agreement Generator

Take advantage of our website terms and conditions generator to help your business limit liability, combat legal disputes, and establish jurisdiction. Make terms that include:

  • Terms of use
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice and policy
  • Prohibited activities

Our goal is to help you create customized terms and conditions as easily as possible without sacrificing compliance.

We also provide answers to commonly asked questions on our support page, and you can always reach out to our support team if you need additional help.

Leila, Privacy Compliance Specialist @ Termly

A comprehensive terms and conditions agreement will help you set clear expectations with your users and protect your business - Leila, Privacy Compliance Specialist @ Termly

Terms and Conditions for Websites and Blogs

Terms and Conditions for Websites and Blogs

Terms of use are critical for protecting your website or blog. You can use them to prevent unwanted or inappropriate behavior from your users, provide details on how they are allowed to use your website or blog content, and explain how and why a user might have their account terminated. Terms and conditions can be especially important if you allow users to leave comments, post reviews, or interact with your website or blog in other ways.

Terms and Conditions for Mobile Apps

Terms and Conditions for Mobile Apps

Terms of service can be just as important for mobile apps as they are for websites. Mobile app terms detail the rules and requirements that users must agree to in order to use your app. They act as a binding contract between you and your users and can help protect the rights of both the app owner and the user.

Additionally, some app marketplaces may require that you publish information about your users’ rights and requirements when using your app. Your terms can be an easy way to present that information.

Terms and Conditions for ecommerce sites and online stores

Terms and Conditions for ecommerce sites and online stores

If you are selling physical or online products or services, terms of use can be critical to ensure purchases, refunds, and disputes can be handled appropriately. For example, if you sell a physical product, you can include information about liabilities in the case of issues arising from misuse of the product.

If you sell digital products or services, you can include information about intellectual property, use and misuse of your product or service, and other information to ensure your sales and customer service are seamless.

Terms and Conditions for SaaS businesses

Terms and Conditions for SaaS businesses

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) products are becoming more commonplace. If you run this type of business, terms of use are critical for your protection. You include details about how and when the SaaS subscription can be canceled, how users are allowed to use the product, payment and warranty info, and more.

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Generate Your Free Terms & Conditions
Generate Terms and Conditions
Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

Our expert legal team collaborated with our seasoned engineers to build a Terms and Conditions Generator that can fulfill the needs of any type of business. - Jona, Senior Product Manager @ Termly

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